This is a heads-up regarding your year end dividends.

Here’s the official announcement from Matson Money this morning:

The Free Market Funds went ex-dividend yesterday (12/30/2013), which means that the prices will/have dropped by the distributions that will be paid today (12/31/2013).  This occurs on an annual basis and investors account values will not change significantly because the year end distribution transactions post to accounts in an equal amount to the price decline.

This also means that the updates to the website may be delayed the next couple of mornings because of the volume of transactions.

Bryan’s summary:  The Free Market Funds we use in our portfolios have just paid out dividends.  This is a good thing and we’ll see the benefit in our accounts very soon.  Due to the volume of transactions involved it may be a day or two before the on-line accounts show the end result.  Rest assured though, this is a positive sign and everything will be credited correctly and accounted for in 2013.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Have a great dividend day!

Bryan Weiss
Marian Financial Partners, Inc.