What Do You Expect?

What do you expect from your portfolio…good times and bad? Check out this quick video for an option that may help you answer this very question.

What Are Investors To Do?

Investors are potentially facing dangerous times ahead and it’s not what you may think. What should investors do? Check out my quick video to help put things into perspective.

Chicken Little and Personal Finance Anxiety

Do you know any Chicken Littles? Don’t let them pull you into the fear trap. Get informed and

As An Investor, Are You Andy or Barney?

The market has been a little crazy lately. Instead of panicking, investors should see this as opportunities for long-term growth. Investors tend to do more harm when they start changing their investments based on their emotions and instincts. Focus on the long-term.

Emotional Investing:  Friend or Foe

Emotions play an import role in our daily lives. How do emotions help us in regards to long-term investing? Check out this quick video.

Investor To Do List

The market has been tanking.  What’s an investor to do?

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