It’s official, we are no longer located at 374 Meridian Park Lane, Suite D.  We are now officially located at 698 Oldefield Commons Drive, Suite 1, Greenwood, IN 46142.  Here’s proof:

Here’s what it looked over the past 5 years since our remodel.

Old Office Before
This is what it looked liked on May 31st at 3:00pm Old Office After

I officially turned in the keys of our old office to the new building owner May 31st.  Now I am currently surrounded by a mountain of boxes/stuff with lots of workers coming and going in our new office.  The painters and carpenters have put in a full day doing all types of work getting our new classroom up and running.  We still have lots of work to do.  Fortunately the computers, phones, Internet, network, printer, fax and emails are operating normally and we also have great services like Fortinet protecting the network of our finances systems.  Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Please remember, our phone numbers and emails remain the same.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.