As this newsletter is being created, snow flurries are beginning to float around outside and the trees are bare.  It seems just like a month ago the Weiss family was on their family vacation in Sanibel Island, Florida in August.  The weather was somewhat cooperative with about 3 or 4 days of good sun but that was followed by very cloudy/stormy weather.  The Weiss gang witnessed their first water spout (a tornado over water)…very interesting. 

Bryan decided to take Haylee & Allyson fishing for tarpon and invited Kathy to go along for some sun.  As it turns out, Kathy is the only one that caught fish!  As Kathy was reeling in her 3 ft. black-tip shark and then her 5 ft. tarpon, the others had jobs to do.  Bryan was busy coaching Kathy as she fought these huge fish.  Haylee was busy getting photos of this memorable event and Allyson was feverishly praying in the back of the boat that she would not catch anything.  Unfortunately, Allyson must have prayed too hard and it spilled over on Bryan & Haylee’s rods since they barely even had a biteJ.  Haylee did get some really good pictures.  There’s one of Kathy actually holding and posing with the shark and she has a couple of scales from the tarpon.  In the future, Bryan will likely ask Kathy if he can go fishing with her. 

October was a special month for the Weiss household.  October 25th marked the 25th wedding anniversary of Bryan & Kathy’s big day in 1986.  Bryan & Kathy renewed their wedding vows with Haylee & Allyson at their sides with Fr. Vince Lampert during a private marriage blessing.  Following that, the kids were dropped off at school and the two love birds went to Panera Bread for a quiet breakfast.  Exciting!  Huh?  Bryan & the girls plan to make more gingerbread men this year since last year’s trial run went very well.  The Weiss Family wishes you and your family a Blessed Christmas Season!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!