This class is most appropriate with the current market conditions.  Join us and see why this difficult market is nothing new!



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The Sky Is Falling – NOT!



MARKETS bring all of the FEAR & ANXIETY of INVESTING to the
forefront. The media gravitates toward DOOMSDAY REPORTING and SCARE
TACTICS to keep viewers tuned in. Investors want to PANIC and change
strategies to ALLEVIATE their STRESS AND FEAR.


is that bear markets are simply part of the investing cycle, and
historically RECOVER in EXCESS of where they started long term. The
purpose of this class is to illustrate the historical impact of bear
markets and identify the MOST PRUDENT ACTIONS to take in DIFFICULT


Past performance is not indicative of future performance.


Tuesday, June 26th @ 10:30 am & 6:30 pm


Wednesday, June 27th @ 10:30 am


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