Watch out IndyCar teams, here comes some serious racing competition!

Three Amigos

Ready For Action!

Actually we’re just having a little fun with the topic.  We are not going into racing of any type.  However, most of you may remember at our September 2012 Main Street Money event at the Dallara IndyCar factory, we had two chances to ride in the 2 seater IndyCar at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at speeds up to 180 mph.  This past Tuesday, May 28th, was our day to ride.

We have some awesome pictures and a video too.  It was amazing opportunity and experience.  It is truly amazing how the cars adhere to the track at the speeds they travel.  I cannot begin to imagine how the professional drivers endure the overwhelming forces, we experienced in just 3 laps, for an entire race.  I’m happy sticking with my slow Roush Mustang.  A special thanks to the IndyCar Racing Experience gang…they did a great job and gave all of us memories that will last us a lifetime.

Past performance is not indicative of future results.