We are happy to inform you that one of the key economic engineers behind our portfolio design has received a Nobel Prize in Economics!  Below is the official information from our portfolio manager, Matson Money.

“We here at Matson Money have been working closely with Dr. Fama for over 20 years as his market theories were instrumental in the development of our portfolios. His Efficient Market Hypothesis has been utilized by us since the inception of the firm and as proven by his well deserved Nobel Prize, still hold true today. Thank you and congratulations on this prestigious honor Dr. Fama!”


I’ve had the honor of attending several conferences where Dr. Fama has spoken about his Efficient Market Hypothesis. It’s amazing to hear him speak about the main philosophy our portfolios are built on. Congratulations Dr. Fama!


Here I am hanging around with Dr. Eugene Fama & David Booth in Chicago last year. Who knew that I would be hanging out with a Nobel Prize Winner? I am very fortunate to have been able to hear him speak in person on several occasions. Great stuff!