If not, you should plan to attend our Investor Jeopardy Class!  Here are the questions:

  • Why am I under-performing the S&P?
  • Why am I under-performing the “benchmarks?”
  • Why am I in International Stocks?
  • Why don’t I just buy low-cost retail index funds?
  • Why do I need an adviser?

If you cannot answer the above questions using facts and data, then we’ll see you in class.  Why are these questions important?  It’s questions like these that if they go unanswered, our emotions begin to fill in the blanks.  When emotions start driving our investment decisions, investors tend to make imprudent choices that usually end up hurting them in the long run.

We have 2 class times to choose from…

Tuesday, June 2 @ 2:00 pm


Tuesday, June 2 @ 6:30 pm

To attend one of these classes, please refer to the CONTACT section of our website to reserve your seat.

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